Quickies: Women hermits, winter in Antarctica, and showy male feminists

  • Where are all the women hermits? – “…if the hermit is always a man, if there’s nobility in his solitude, then what’s left for women? Old maid. Hag. There must be something wrong with her. Don’t pretend that these aren’t still true; today, we don’t burn witches, we just shame them.”
  • How to survive winter in Antarctica – “The final flight out of the South Pole was Friday, February 13—the last chance to leave until mid-November. Those 40 or so people staying the winter will have no way out of Antarctica for around nine months. They won’t even be able to venture more than a mile or two off the base, because all the facilities are in a condensed area, and there’s no point in sightseeing during the four months of darkness and two more of twilight.”
  • Portlandia mocks showy male feminists – This is brilliant. From Courtney.
  • 8 things some asshole says in every debate about feminism – From cerberus40 and Criticaldragon1177.
  • Cute Animal Friday! Red pandas playing in the snow. And how adorable are giraffe babies?


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Finally. The problem seems to have been solved. Amanda if you guys did anything to fix it, thank you.

  2. Yay, I’m out of solitary confinement at last! I’ve missed you all.

    Amanda, I enjoyed that Antarctic link. My son was down at Mawson over last winter and of course we followed the goings on religiously (so to speak).

    There is some amazing science going on such as drilling ancient ice cores and so on.

    Even routine tasks such as resupply make a great story – the sea ice failed to clear last Feb and so they had to resupply by helicopter. Quite a challenge given the 50 knot katabatic winds.

    Everybody seems to become a more or less skilled photographer…penguins, aurorae and more.

    If anybody is interested check out aad.gov.au – there are archives (including photos) for the bases there going back decades.

  3. Need to keep this line in mind for future use –

    “How can you be complaining about this when there are starving children in Africa? Starving children I’m doing less than nothing to help, because merely nothing would be ignoring them. But I’m specifically pointing out that I know about them to use them as underfed weapons against things I actually care about.”

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