Global Quickies: Men Showing Support in Skirts, IS Destroys Art, and Terrible Football Chants.

Islamic State militants ransacked Mosul’s central museum, destroying priceless artifacts that are thousands of years old. Mosul’s central library has also been attacked by Isis and 100,000 books and manuscripts were burned.

“Attackers in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka have hacked to death a US-Bangladeshi blogger whose writings on religion angered Islamist hardliners.”

DENMARK (From Blakut)
“Police shot dead a 22-year-old Danish-born gunman on Sunday after he killed two people at a Copenhagen synagogue and an event promoting free speech in actions possibly inspired by an attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, authorities said.” (I’m a week late on this one)

TURKEY (From Critical Dragon1177)
“Turkish protesters have taken to the streets of Istanbul after men in Turkey and neighbouring Azerbaijan tweeted images of themselves in skirts as a protest against the death of a young female student.”

Students at Moi University are protesting against the rape and killing of a student, vowing not to resume classes until proper security measures are put in place.

“A Saudi court sentenced a man to death after he was found guilty of insulting Islam.”

Ugandan police harass and physically abuse gay people in custody, a report by a human rights group has said.

Conservative MP David Tredinnick has called for the NHS to use astrology to help treat patients.

“Police in Canada are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a young transgender Muslim woman after the news that she had been found dead prompted a remarkable response via social media.”

Tens of thousands of people have posted online messages of anger against Real Betis FC fans, because of a chant that seems to encourage domestic violence.

Featured image: Turkish protesters


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