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What do you do when a normally cool close family member sends you an obnoxious meme?

My Dad and I send each other gross and funny stuff off the internet all the time. We’re close, and share a similar wicked sense of humor and appreciation for outlandish pranks. Despite my parents’ divorce when I was very little, he has always been an involved and supportive presence in my life. I’m getting to witness his parenting all over again, as my little sisters – thank you modern family dynamics – are roughly the same age as my daughter. Given my respect for him, and his influence over young girls whose well being I am deeply invested in, I just can’t let the occasional offense go.

He recently sent me a meme with a message that I couldn’t ignore. Yes, it’s on a subject that is old news in internet years.* But there are days where I feel compelled to deconstruct rather than leave it with an eye roll and a sigh.

The meme in question:


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