Quickies: Stop evaluating women professors’ attire, anti-vaxxers, and satire


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Ugh, evaluations… No matter how bad the comments we men get, the women can always top us for bad comments…

    Probably not exact quotes, but all pretty close:
    “Her sandals are ugly.” “What a babe.” “She’s fat.” “I hate girls with short hair.” “I would like some of that!” Advice on how to do makeup suggests it is not just the male students doing this.

    I have never seen a set of evaluations for a female TA or teacher in a class of over a dozen students that did not include comments on her appearance.

  2. Re: American antivax campaigner cancels tour –

    I am a parent and can totally understand the anger at an antivax campaigner – if for the sake of argument one had lost a child to an outbreak of a vaccine – preventable disease (caused by falling vaccination rates). I would be furious.

    But death threats are never acceptable and I too hate it when our side does something stupid and loses the moral high ground by going too far.

    1. But if you read closely the police believe there is evidence that the threats are coming from Austrailian anti-vaccination activists. I agree that threats are unacceptable but in this case it looks like it could be “friendly fire” so to speak despite the anti-vaxxers speculation.

    2. I took it to be a typo in the original article, otherwise it would be an even more unusual story. Typos are quite common in these quick online pieces.

  3. I like the rules in Ontario (the one in Canada). Your kids don’t get into a public school unless they’re vaccinated or they are medically determined to be incapable to getting the vaccines.
    Have fun at your homeschool otherwise. I hope they don’t let people have non-medical excuses.

    As for clothing, Engineering never really bothered with female instructors back in the 90s, but I had female TAs. I don’t remember ever feeling inspired to mention their clothing in their evaluations.
    Does your clothing smell so bad I need to recommend a laundromat?
    Are your dangling bits poking me in the eye?
    No? Then how is it my problem?
    I try not to give strangers fashion advice, and I’m rarely tempted.

  4. I never once noticed how my female professors were attired. Come on, people, is it that hard?

    Apparently for some dips it is.

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