Quickies: New atheists wrong about Islam, Bill Maher’s wrongness, and religious home-schooling


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  1. The study is as unsurprising as a study saying the clergy have different attitudes than Roman Catholics as a whole or that Pat Robertson’s attitudes are more extreme than a typical self-described evangelical. This does not surprise me nor should it surprise anyone.

    But, hey, if a prominent, bigoted Christian and a prominent, bigoted atheist team up with the mutual agreement that Christians are better than Muslims they both get media attention and get to pretend to not be bigots with the “one of my best friends is an atheist/is a Christian” trope.

  2. “When it comes to class inequalities, Muslims tend to be distinctive — but they tend to lead. They tend to lag when it comes to gender inequality, but if we look at indicators of socioeconomic inequality, it seems that the socioeconomic inequalities are lower in predominantly Muslim countries than they are in other countries outside the Muslim world.” Shenanigans. I Google Abu Dhabi labor and find all sorts of things we wouldn’t tolerate here. And of course, Mauritania is the only country that still has ‘official’ slavery. (I mean, unless you consider ISIS a country.)

    1. The author is talking about general trends in aggregate data, and you find 2 cases that don’t fit the trend. That doesn’t mean the trend is incorrect, it means you found outliers.

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