Quickies: Gaming organizer ousted, Larry Willmore, and the biodiversity of Disney


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The way the first story is written, he didn’t get into too much trouble when he was just harassing cis-women, but harassing a transwoman got him into trouble. Why couldn’t he have been ousted for harassing women earlier?

    (I’m ashamed to admit that the unfortunate phrasing that went through my mind was that he found a victim with the balls to stand up to him.)

    1. In my experience it takes about 3 women coming forward before these allegations are taken seriously. They stood up for themselves, they just stood alone and were ignored.

  2. Amanda,

    Over at the “Larry Wilmore on Bill Cosby” thread, Some guy going by the name of Razerzpeed, left a comment in reply to me, where he claimed that 45% of women lie about being raped. Off course he didn’t cite a source for that statistic. I have a feeling he just pulled it out of thin air.

    1. Well, according to a comment by a user named “John Galt” I found via Google:

      “Steve Moxon in his book ‘The woman racket’ quotes a statistic from 1985 in which 45% of all rape claims were marked as ‘no crime’ by UK police, which essentially means that after extensive investigation there was no evidence a crime occurred at all.”

      1. which essentially means that after extensive investigation there was no evidence a crime occurred at all

        From what I’ve read deciding that a rape claim is a “non crime” (or no crime) can happen when the report is made, by the officer taking the report, with zero investigation at all. So unless it is different in the UK that statistic is not only sickening but also almost totally useless.

        I suspect that “John Galt” (someone voluntarily took that name?) decided that was what it meant because it fed his narrative without so much as a cursory amount of investigation, much like those officers taking rape threats; and it all comes full circle.

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