Quickies: Being an atheist on Christmas, the year of caring about online harassment, and Twitter threats

  • 10 best things about being an atheist on Christmas – Creative decorating is my personal favorite.
  • The “War on Christmas” is actually a war on atheist voices – It represents only the anti-theist segment of atheists, ignoring the rest. Via Courtney.
  • The year people started caring about online harassment – “As the divide between “real” life and the internet continues to break down, it’s become difficult to argue that being harassed online has no impact on the increasingly rare parts of our lives that exist completely separate from our laptops and phones.” From Jaime.
  • Twitter doesn’t think these rape and death threats are harassment – “It’s not the case, as anti-feminist “free speech” trolls inevitably counter, that feminist activists want everyone they subjectively deem a meanie to be banished from the Internet forever. What we want, in fact, is a transparent, clearly delineated policy that takes into account the unique challenges facing women online—challenges that don’t just hurt women’s feelings, but actively silence us, keeping our voices out of the discourse and our influence out of the forward thrust of history.” From Amy.
  • Script notes on “The Birth of Jesus” – “Mary and Joseph are central characters and we love that they are clearly there for each other and involved with each other, no matter what. That’s a real Notebook-like vibe that date night audiences really go for.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Many years ago, Daily Kos traced the ‘war on Christmas’ to anti-Semitic propaganda by Henry Ford.

    And yeah, I would think, especially when the cyberterrorists make sure to tell you they know where you live…Do people think the internet is a fucking videogame?

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