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Skepchick Sundaylies! The Youth (Non)Vote, Inventer of Endocrinology, Learning about Students, and Reckless Cancer Assumptions

Sunday Funny: Typographic Chemistry (via xkcd)

Teen Skepchick

The Not So Beautiful Game Step 6: In Which an Opportunity for Research and Plot Development is Lost
Elizabet may not have posted about this book in a while, but that doesn’t mean that things got interesting.

Millennials Don’t Vote, And For Good Reason
Young people didn’t vote in the midterm elections, but no one is asking why.

Mad Art Lab

The Secret Life of Hormones: Rosalyn Yalow and the Discovery of Radioimmunoassaying
Dale tells the story of the woman who invented modern endocrinology.

Women Painting Themselves: Pt 5
Celia profiles some women portrait painters.


Bios: Fabiola Gianotti (en español)
Silvia tells us about the newly appointed director-general of CERN.

School of Doubt

Academic Science and Sexism
Apostrophobia takes issue with people who argue that sexism isn’t a problem in academic science.

Shadowing a Student – Lessons Learned
To be an effective teacher, it might be worth learning about the lives of your students.

Open Access or Open Wallet Academic Publishing?
What happens when getting your paper published is contingent on your ability to pay?

Grounded Parents

Yummy or Yuck? Part 2: Let Them Eat Dirt (or Not?)
Mombot answers the question: should you let your kids eat dirt?

Food Babe – Stop Giving Cancer Advice. It Makes You Seem Reckless.
Kavin takes the Food Babe to task for her assumptions about how cancer works.

Can We Please Stop Scaring the Crap Out of New Parents?
Deek talks about her experience with fearmongering in the advice that new parents receive.

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