Quickies: Ebola’s history, pasteurizing breastmilk via smartphone app, and earthquake scientists’ convictions overturned


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  1. In Italy, the new rule should be: never try to educate the public. Always promote the worst case scenario because you will never be sued or prosecuted for things being worse than you estimated.

    They warned the mayor about the danger. The mayor and the public scoffed at it because they were used to little tremors. The prosecutors now want to go after the geologists because their warnings were not clear enough (after originally saying the scientists said there was little danger).

  2. The breast milk article contains a glaring error.

    “South Africa notches over 1 million premature births per year.”

    This seemed very unlikely to me. Fortunately they link to their data source, and it shows 1059000 total live births and ‘only’ 88000 premature births.

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