Quickies: The Pope on magic wands, statistical tests of harassment, and conflict in the secular movement


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Ah yes, more praise for Pope Fank n Furter. This time for simply repeating the stance that the church has taken for a long time, that the big bang theory and evolution are not at odds with the church’s special friend in the sky.

    He also recently praised a convention of charlatans I mean clergy who were trying to figure out how to disabuse the nemesis of The Big Guy™ from invading the bodies of the unwashed by abusing those bodies themselves. So moderation, it appears, is all relative, or maybe not since he didn’t weight in on Einstein’s theory. Got to keep that popey goodness somehow after all.

  2. From that ridiculous survey.

    5. If you do not think diversity is a problem, do you believe the secular community is working hard to outreach minorities?

    A) Yes, the secular community is working hard in minority outreach

    B) No, the secular community needs to work harder to outreach minorities

    C) I do not think diversity is a problem in the secular movement

    Is that a typo or the actual question?

    If you “do not think diversity is a problem” why the fuck would you care if “the secular community is working hard to outreach minorities?”

    Besides the horrendous use of outreach as a verb, they appear to only want the opinions of those who agree there is no problem.

    That and their insistence that the only conflict in the community is over feminism really tips their hand; which slympitter wrote this survey anyway?

  3. It’s a bit hypocritical of the Pope to say that God isn’t a magic wand when it comes to evolution yet the Pope turns around and endorses exorcism, which is surely a form of magic.

  4. Is there something going on with the comment system?

    I know I made the same point that Brooks made here with a link and everything but it has disappeared along with all of my replies from the last week or so.

    Is it just me or has it happened to anyone else?

    1. Yes, comments on Bad Chart Thursday are missing.
      I could understand my attempts at humour being moderated – but Buzz and Melanie comments as well?

    2. The vampires are peeved about Bad Chart Thursday which erroneously attributed the horrible chart to werewolves.

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