Quickies: Report Reveals Bad Treatment of Monica Lewinsky, Flu Vaccine Myths Debunked, and Blackface in Hollywood

  • Talking While Female – NPR does a segment on the top complaints that women hear about their voices (from too much uptalk to tone of voice). From Jac.
  • Every Single Flu Vaccine Myth, Debunked – “Here for sharing far and wide is a collection of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding flu vaccines, debunked point-by-point with lucid, thoroughly referenced explanations.” Forward it to that person in your life who refuses to get vaccinated. From Amy.
  • The Ebola Wars – “How genomics research can help contain the outbreak.” Another good piece from The New Yorker.
  • Jenny McCarthy: I Am Not Anti-Vaccine – “Newly married to the perfectly endowed Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy talks about her son’s autism, being ‘very spiritual,’ and life after The View.”
  • A Voice for Men has set up a phony White Ribbon website to coopt the international anti-violence campaign of that name – “Paul Elam and the gang over at everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site have just launched a new website — WhiteRibbon.org — that seems pretty clearly designed to undermine and co-opt the real White Ribbon campaign, a long-running international initiative to fight violence against women.” From Courtney.
  • Report Reveals How Badly Government Lawyers Treated Monica Lewinsky – “Monica Lewinsky has long alleged that the treatment she received by those investigating President Bill Clinton in 1998 was frightening and unprofessional. And as an over 100 page report conducted in 2000 on the behavior of those officials that’s just been released by the Washington Post online reveals, she’s right.”
  • European Scientists Conclude That Distant Comet Smells Terrible – “Of course, anyone visiting the comet would be wearing a spacesuit (on top of that, the sense of smell is notoriously numb in space). Nevertheless, taking a whiff of this comet would be like sharing a horse barn with a drunk and a dozen rotten eggs.”
  • Inside Hollywood’s Shocking Blackface Problem – “A civil rights fight that was thought to have been eradicated years ago is nevertheless taking place in the entertainment industry. So why is Hollywood still ‘painting down’ stuntpeople?”
  • A Brief History of Batgirl – “The ongoing struggle to make geek culture more inclusive takes a positive step forward this month as DC Comics relaunches its iconic-but-neglected Batgirl series.” A good piece from Bitch Magazine!

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Clearly, Paul Elam is all things to #NotAllMen.

    Hollywood still rarely hires Indians to play Indians. Twilight hired more Indians than most, but Taylor Lautner and Booboo Stewart aren’t Indian.

  2. Ebola Wars:
    Vale Sheik Humarr Khan and others like him!
    It will take a lot of work by a lot of dedicated people to stop this virus.

    I hope that the international effort is not too little, too late.
    If those 3000 US troops had been sent just a few weeks earlier, it could have made a real difference.

    It’s a pity a few of the billions spent on freedombombing could not be diverted to saving lives, at home and abroad.

    I found it interesting that the viral titers seem to be higher in this outbreak than previously. I wonder what that means? Is the virus perhaps becoming less deadly (per viral particle)- or more so?

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