Quickies: Fighting sexism is “annoying,” an abortion provider on her job, and Bechdel testing Star Trek


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ON A POGO STICK! No matter how annoyed these cretins are with all the talk of sexism in gaming, it can’t possibly match the WHAAAA coming off of that piece.

    I don’t care about how many people she slept with THAT’S WHY I’VE ONLY MENTIONED IT A DOZEN TIMES OR SO, and I don’t care who she sleeps with BUT I WILL INSINUATE THAT IT HELPED HER CAREER, and I really wish we could get back to talking about games instead of what SJWs want us to talk about RIGHT AFTER I GIVE MY UNNEEDED TWO CENTS WORTH.

    Fuck this guy, prime example of the problem in my estimation and being touted as “objective” by the commenters because they don’t like the opinion that gamers are misogynists. Simple enough, don’t act like misogynists and you won’t be mistaken for misogynists. Or is that too much to ask?

    1. Good rant but, “cretins” ? Srsly? Given that we were both castigating somebody recently for using much less ableist language, I wonder whether we should at least try to avoid the more extreme examples. Consistency FTW.

      (Here endeth the lesson)

      1. OK, chalk that up to ignorance. I always thought that was an antiquated reference to people from Crete, seriously, kind of along the lines of barbarian or vandal. Now that I know the real definition it is gone from my vocabulary, I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  2. Getting sexy with industry insiders is bad BAD for a gaming journalist. This kind of behavior makes us all suspect their opinions are biased. Their hormones get in the way of their objective criticism. Their integrity is compromised once they become sycophants to industry shills.

    Unless we’re talking about a man fawning over booth babes. Stop being so annoying!

    1. After all, if there is one area of product reviews known for its integrity and lack of bias or conflicts of interest, it is gaming reviews (/sarcasm).

      I know it is the fallacy of relative privation, but why the hell is this a big deal when video game product reviewing is already known to be a highly corrupt and incredibly shoddy process? Reviewers’ careers depend on the good graces of those they review. They are not given time to properly test the products, online games have proven reviewers have spent less than 2 hours logged in before writing a review… and the gamers are upset about hanky panky between colleagues?

      No, this is disparaging a woman. It is a prime example of misogyny from one of society’s notorious boys’ clubs (the computer gaming industry). For anyone actually concerned with corruption of gaming reviews, this incident is a footnote.

  3. I like booth babes as much as the next straight male, but I’m not putting it in my profile, it’s just creepy. That he doesn’t understand how it would undermine any argument about sexism in the gaming community just underscores the whole problem.

  4. The problems with sexism in the games are way worse than the couple of examples discussed here. And its not about whether Lara Croft is overly sexualized or questions like that.

    The problem is the face that in most of the multiplayer games, female players get bombarded with racist and sexist attacks while they are playing. And I don’t mean minor league stuff, I mean the sort of verbal assaults that would lead to police action in real life situations.

    Now part of the problem is some of the games themselves. A game where you have teams of people trying to kill each other is going to lead to some pretty nasty verbalizing ‘I’m going to kill you’. But some of the chat logs go way beyond that.

  5. Yeah, it’s always annoying when people assert their right to be treated as equal human beings. I totally agree with that guy. I am sure that white supremacists were super annoyed by the civil rights movement, and the Christian right is extremely annoyed by marriage equality as well. I mean, someone wanting to change a status quo that’s advantageous to you in some way is always really annoying!

    So yes, if he wants me to acknowledge that the constant push for less misogyny and racism in video games is annoying to gamers who like that stuff in their games, then yep, I totally agree that is probably really annoying to people who don’t to let go of their bewbs and muscley white male heroes. What I can’t get on board with is the premise that just because it’s annoying to someone, it should stop.

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