Quickies: Comets, TERFs vs. trans people, and butterflies


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. One correction: Should be noted ‘political correctness’ is literally a joke. The on-the-ground lefties (a.k.a., us) originally used it to take the piss out of academic lefties. Many of these academic types were linguists, hence the focus on words over actions. One result is that the PC joke specifically invokes the self-esteem movement to demonstrate how these types aren’t really leftists at all, since, of course, Nathaniel Branden was Ayn Rand’s…um, what do you call a male mistress? Another element of political correctness was logical inconsistency, again deliberately part of the joke. Every last one of the things we came up with, though, was what faux-leftists told us we should believe.

    Naturally, the media took the joke and ran with it, rewriting style guides so much that someone can advocate the inferiority of certain races, so long as he (I know, ‘he or she’, but I can’t think of any she’s in that particular industry.) uses the PC terms, and the media won’t see an issue.

    And it causes problems in other ways. So exactly zero Indians complained about the National Museum of the American Indian’s name. Why would we? American Indian Movement, National Congress of American Indians, a number of tribes with “Indian” in their official name…But a lot of white ‘allies’ complain for us. This in turn legitimizes Dan Snyder because now we have stupid white people complaining about things that really don’t offend us.

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