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Skepchick Sundaylies: The Game, Thor’s Armor, Snowpiercer, Inclusive Atheism, Subtle Sexism, Helicopter Parenting, and Identifying as Disabled

Sunday Funny: Gender Roles (via TheRobinHead)

Teen Skepchick

DBT Skills: Mindfulness “How”
Olivia continues her series on DBT skills.

Bi-erasure: Constantine
In NBC’s new show Constantine, smoking is fine but bisexuality is taboo.

The Not so Beautiful Game Step 1: An Uncompelling Frame Narrative Stigmatizes Mental Illness
Elizabeth is reading The Game so you don’t have to.

Mad Art Lab

Sofia Kovalevskaya: Love Makes All the Partial Difference
Dale tells the story of the revolutionary mathematician and novelist.

Thor is a Lady. Let’s Complain About It!
Ryan critiques Thor’s new armor.

Do You Want to Build a Costume?
Beth walks you through her SkepchickCon cosplay creation!


The Pro-life Crocodile (en español)
A pro-life organization used an image of a baby being fed to a crocodile to illustrate… something, so Andrés asked Twitter to guess what the croc might be saying. The results are hilarious.

Movie Review: Snowpiercer (en español)
Silvia watched the movie Snowpiercer and suggests we all go see it.


Sodomy Causes AIDS: A Shocking Entirely True Revelation in the Field of Science
Vince eviscerates a politicians homophobic ignorance of sperm and HIV.

Religious Liberty and the Right to Discriminate: How Privileging Religious Belief Endangers Civil Rights
Elsa’s first post at Queereka explores how privileging religion can be harmful to LGBT people vis-a-vis the application of the recent Hobby Lobby ruling against women’s reproductive rights to LGBT people.

We Aren’t Ready for Inclusive Atheism Yet
Roth’s first post on Queereka discusses the work that still needs to be done to make movement atheism more inclusive of difference and diversity.

School of Doubt

Multi-taskers or Multi-ignorers?
Laptops in the classroom. Y/N?

When Sexism is Subtle in Academia
Sexism is still a problem in academia, as another recent study shows. We may all be complicit, but at least we’re talking about it.

Defending Your Punctuation
Why do students ignore grammar checkers? They may not be perfect…but…

Grounded Parents

Guest Post: Good Parenting and the Question of Unconditional Love
In this guest post Cassandra Phoenix writes about breaking the cycle of abuse, parental self-doubt, and unconditional love.

The Trials and Joys of Being a Furry Big Sis
Kavin writes this adorable post about growing up and families from the perspective of her oldest child: her dog.

Welcome To Your Adorable Dystopian Future
Lou talks about a new product made to monitor children and the notion that we need to be hyper aware of what our children are doing at all times.


On Identifiying as Disabled
Ania discusses her story of identifying as disabled.

For the Abled Only: The Southridge Mall Fiasco
Randi talks about how a mall she used to go to refuses to be accessible.

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Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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  1. In re: Laptops

    My grandfather ran the 8th Air Force intelligence school in England in WWII. Training officers to inform aircrew of important information before missions, and to debrief them to pass along anything discovered during missions.

    He FORBADE note taking during lectures, as he learned that it only served to distract them. They were given short ‘precis’ of each lecture when it ended.

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