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Skepchick Sundaylies: Suggestive Logos, Un-Christian Christians, Mom’s Purse, and the Medical Model of Disability

Sunday Funny: Chaos (via xkcd)

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 107: The Subjective Side of Physics
Mindy explores the physics of sound.

DBT Skills: The Benefits of Mindfulness
Olivia explains the practical benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Mad Art Lab

The Birds and the Airbnbs
Beth discusses the controversy behind the new Airbnb logo.

Five Great Novelty Education Songs for When You’re Done With Word Crimes
If learning and music are your thing, these songs are for you!


People Believe Weird Things: Samaritans (en español)
Lulú continues her series on strange believes, this time she tells us about the Samaritans.

School of Doubt

Knowledge Dissemination: Is the Old New Again?
Dan thinks Renaissance-style pedagogical dialogues might be the way of the future.

The Great Didactic: All the Young of Both Sexes Should be Sent to School
Jennifer has had it with Comenius. For serious.

Is it Okay to Dance with the Devil for a Good Cause–Like Funding your Grad Students?
Peter wonders where we should draw the line in accepting research funding, knowing that it can make or break students’ finances.

Grounded Parents

Tori takes the Christian Right to task for their un-Christian attitudes.

The Time Traveller’s Guide for Parents #2: Do NOT Swaddle Your Infant
Cerys goes into the history of swaddling and baby clothes, in this excellently-sourced piece.

Celebrity Update: What’s in Mom’s Purse?
Katie dumps out her purse and lists the contents, in the style of Us Magazine.


Why the Medical Model of Disability is Harmful
“The fact is, many disabled people feel more disabled by the attitudes and physical barriers built by non-disabled society, than the symptoms caused by their conditions.”

Featured image credit: Julie Remizova via Flickr


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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  1. Most of them don’t even realize how important it was to be cordial to guests in ancient times. If there’s nothing but desert for hundreds of miles and cars don’t exist, turning away guests is basically homicide by proxy. Which could explain…why Jacob was pissed at his sons for their treatment of their brother-in-law, the entirety of Sodom and Gomorrah, oh, and all that talk about entertaining angels.

    Modern privilege again: We have cars, and seven billion people to outsource this responsibility to.

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