Quickies: Harry Potter, Supreme Court algorithms, and Nicki Minaj’s butt


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of sunscreen cooties. I know many men who use it, and many who don’t. I rarely use it because I detest the feel of oily greasy substances on my skin. I detest doing repairs on my auto for the same reason. My adaptation to skin health is to wear a t-shirt most of the time. Before the association between skin disease and sunshine, I went topless most of the summer.

    This story has the feel of something made up by marketers.

  2. Well, would you look at that? Someone identified the real (or at least an additional) reason that so many fundies hate Harry Potter. It’s not about the dirty, dirty magic but rather all that disgusting acceptance. I mean, the only truly hated people in the HP universe are the conservatives Slytherins and the bigots pureblood purists. Isn’t that how it works in real life, all teh ebil is concentrated in one or two groups?

    Tolerance. Bah!

  3. In a world where generic, white label sunscreen is available both as a lotion and a spray, I find it hard to agree with the sunscreen article’s premise. Anecdotally, I can’t think of a single man I know who refuses to wear sunscreen.

    For obvious reasons I rather enjoy the Nicki Minaj cover, but we shouldn’t forget that the song is great, too.

  4. Anecdotally, I use sunscreen when outside but I’m likely to get the left forearm skin cancer from driving. It usually doesn’t occur to me to use it when I’m 95% inside.

    I haven’t seen Sunscreen for Men anywhere, but starting a few years ago there was a big proliferation of sports-themed sunscreen. Probably part of the same trend.

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