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I still consider myself relatively new to feminism. At least, I’ve only in the last few years begun to realize that I am one. And I’m finding out, sadly, that it involves a whole lot of disappointment.


I get disappointed by the news when there’s been yet another attack on a woman’s right over her own body. I get disappointed when yet another woman in the spotlight eschews the term feminism, though probably for many of the same reasons that I used to claim. I facepalm at rampant sexism in the media and am utterly horrified at the blatant discrimination and harassment that some of my female colleagues face. Really, you can read the Quickies here on any given day to see what I’m talking about.

In this era of selfies, I occasionally express my disappointment using the favored medium of the Millennials (a group of which I am apparently on the older end of):

I’m on vacation. It’s totally appropriate to wear a snorkel on vacation.

But then I realized that I was not alone.

Emily (aka Seelix) is also disappointed.
Maria is very disappointed

My friends piled on their own disappointment as we lamented one sad story of sexism after another. And so, since it was late in the evening when such silly/amazing things can happen, Maria Walters started a Disappointed Feminists tumblr where YOU TOO can share your most disappointing moments in feminism and display your disillusionment.

We can work to slowly change the status quo. But until then, at least we can commiserate.

Even Emily's cat is disappointed.
Even Emily’s cat is disappointed.

Featured image CC Mike Haeg. Selfies posted with permission of the subjects or their humans. 


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