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Skechick Sundaylies: Being Too Girly, Bach Flowers, Lab Dynamics, Birth Safety, and Being the Sweaky Wheel

Sunday Funny: Solar Collector (via Tree Lobsters!)

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 101: Wave Energy and Intensity
Mindy learns explains the relationship between waves and energy.

Like a Girl
Eddy is going to be who he is, whether you think he’s being too girly or not.

The Ethics of Doing Business with the Religious
Is it OK to do business with loathsome ideologies?


Introduction to Pseudoscience: Bach Flowers (en español)
Elara tells us about this strange believe that is a combination of homeopathy and personality tests.

Review: Almost Human (en español)
Even though it’s cancelled, Silvia thinks you should watch this TV show.

School of Doubt

Learner Centered In Large Classes
Jodee is concerned that being assigned a larger class will interfere with her teaching style.

Getting Good Groups
Jennifer answers a reader question about gender and group work participation.

What Did You Call Me?
Apostrophobia doesn’t like the trend toward informal forms of address.

Grounded Parents

Not Buried Twice: Why the Fight for Birth Safety Matters
As Chelsea says, “this isn’t about moms who give birth in the hospital being mommier-than-thou. It isn’t about doctors trying to get rich by suppressing “alternative” practitioners. It’s about fixing the broken homebirth system in the United States.”

OCD Quickies Part 2: Postpartum OCD
Kavin is trying to raise awareness about Postpartum OCD by talking about her own experiences.

My Twins Turned 20. Don’t I Get a Sticker for This Shit?!
Katie celebrated her twins’ 20th birthday in an unexpected way.


What Atheist Communities Can Do
Ania suggests things the atheist community can do to be more accommodating and supportive of people with disabilities.

On Being the Squeaky Wheel
Yessenia talks about asking for accommodations.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
SpasticFantastic writes about coming to terms with her disability.

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Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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