Quickies: Underrepresentation of women in games, the evolution of flowers, and women in animation


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. >> “i wonder if mobile or facebook flash games are included in this, padding the numbers if so”
    > “Why wouldn’t mobile (or even flash) games not be considered real games?”
    Duh. Because they’re played by women. Real Men play Real Video Games. Once women seem to dominate a game demographic (which is at 25% or 33%, depending on whether you ask men or women) it automatically becomes Not a Real Video Game.
    That’s how sexism works.

    1. Well, the article only mentions “real” (console and PC) games such as Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed and why they can’t have women. So, it is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. It’s also a chicken and the egg sort of issue. However, that’s no excuse for crappy answers like “it’s too hard to put them in the games.” There’re afraid to say “if we put in women in our games, we’ll lose more sexist customers than gain women players.” They want their games to be considered “guy” things, because “guys” only buy things that have been pre-approved as “guy” things. Like FPSs, steak, cigars, and scotch. It’s sort of like Kosher and Halal food. Now excuse me, I’m going to play Call of Duty while smoking cigars and drinking scotch. ‘Cause I’m a guy.

  2. By Amanda,

    from that story on racists and anti racists,

    I found this section to be rather astonishing,
    “So you’re cool with Greek-Australians?” I ask.

    “Absolutely,” the guy says, pulling the megaphone from his lips. “Greek-Australians. European-Australians, in general.”

    “So Italians are okay?”

    “Yeah, they’re okay.”

    “But back in the 1940s, wouldn’t your equivalent have been against Greek-Australians because they were the ‘wogs’ who were coming here as immigrants and ruining white Australia?”

    He shrugs his shoulders, apathetic. “What was going on in the 1940s … we weren’t around in the 1940s, so we can’t really comment about what we would have done back then.”

    Next to him, an old man in a Golden Dawn baseball hat, brandishing a huge Greek flag, smiles like a kindly grandfather. I think he says his name is Paul but honestly I can’t tell for sure. His accent is too thick.

    Never mind that the guy just showed him how meaningless the concept of race really is. The shear fact that there are groups that where once thought of as not being part of the “white race” that are now seen as white, basically proves how subjective the concept of race is. Yet rather than try and come out and deny that Greeks were once thought of as non whites, so he could continue to claim that race is something objective, that we can judge people on, he just shrugged it off.

    1. It’s a form of insane illogic, that’s for sure.

      I don’t know how to feel about the fellows getting beaten up later. I don’t think it was necessary.
      If fascists ever looked to be like they might be gaining power again, would we need to engage in mass arrests and suppression to prevent the rise of a new Nazi Party?

      Fascists are one of those things, man. We have to protect them in the name of liberal democracy, but we know that if they gained power they would trample rights, making it a necessity to oppose them with all force :\

      I suppose so long as they don’t look like they’re coming to power, we can afford to let them have their silly marches.

      …yet, where does that leave Greece with its Golden Dawn? Have they grown to the point where we can no longer allow them the opportunity for influence?

      1. Paul,

        We have to continue to fight groups like the Golden Dawn, until they cease to exist. However, we won’t be able to do so by simply trying to silence them. We need to destroy such groups by exposing them for what they really are. Nazi thinking is illogical? I agree.

        I recently came across a racist who left really stupid comments, who insisted that science was on his side. The racist claimed that black people never invented anything. I pointed out to him, that there were black inventors, but then he insisted that they were not “pure” black, and that it was their “white genes.” I pointed out to that idiot that there was no such thing as “pure” black or “pure” white and that race is a social construct. I also showed him that the overwhelming majority of scientists, especially in relevant fields reject the idea that race is a biological construct. But he stubbornly insisted that race existed, and kept demanding that I provide him with examples of “pure” black inventors to prove him wrong. It ended with me utterly power owning him and demanding that he convince the scientific community to accept his position. I may not have changed his mind got him to abandon his irrational hatred, but in the end, he couldn’t defend his position, without denying reality.

        Groups like the Golden Dawn need to be exposed, and people need to be shown how utterly bankrupt they are. They’re beliefs are every bit as baseless as any racist, include the one I just mentioned.

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