Quickies: Grief Beyond Belief, daughters make judges more feminist, and why Hodor says Hodor

  • Grief Beyond Belief launches new site – “Founded by school counselor Rebecca Hensler following the death of her son, Grief Beyond Belief has been operating on Facebook for three years, providing grieving atheists, Humanists and other Freethinkers with spaces in which to share compassion and advice without the uncomfortable intrusions of prayer and proselytizing.”
  • Judges with daughters are more likely to rule in favor of women – “Having a daughter made a bigger difference with conservative judges. Having a daughter had a more pronounced effect on judges appointed by Republican presidents, with an average 7 percent increase in the proportion of cases decided β€œin a feminist direction,” compared with a 4 percent increase for judges appointed by a Democratic president β€” judges whose decisions were already more likely to be left-leaning.” From Arturo.
  • T-Mobile CEO apologizes after saying AT&T and Verizon are “raping you” – From Courtney.
  • Neuroscience explains why Hodor can only say Hodor – “Hodor’s combination of impoverished speech production with relatively normal comprehension is a classic, albeit particularly severe, presentation of expressive aphasia, a neurological condition usually caused by a localized stroke in the front of the brain, on the left side.”
  • Cute Animal Friday! From CriticalDragon1177, beware Cutezilla! And this leopard may be the only creature besides teenage boys that loves Axe body spray.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. How fucking hard is it to say “I apologize for using rape metaphorically. It is offensive and I will not do it again.”? I loathe the whole “if you’re offended” or “anyone offended.” Legere’s is not quite a notpology, but it’s halfway there.

  2. I wonder if jurors are subject to the same effect as judges- I’d expect so. A few years ago I was questioned during voir dire for a sexual assult trial. They hadn’t gotten to much but the fact that I had a preschool daughter had come up. Not long after, I was out of there with no further explanation. I’d always assumed there was a peremptory challenge involved, and there wasn’t a lot of other information they could have used.

  3. I love how judges / politicians / people in general are bigots right up until it affects them personally, and all of a sudden hallelujah, they see the light and aren’t we all just so thrilled for them.

  4. On a tangential Hodor note, I thought the season finale for GoT was awesome but kinda miffed that they left out Lady Stoneheart.

    1. Wow, huge spoiler there. I actually knew she wouldn’t be in this season, because of an interview with a cast member relevant to the whole Lady Stoneheart arc, but I figure she’ll be in next season. (See everyone how I’m being deliberately evasive?)

      I more hated how they had fireballs like some sort of D&D game. Until now, magic has always been in the shadows and somewhat evil. Even the Starks’ skinchanging powers have a dark side. *cough*Bran possessing Hodor*cough*

      I liked how they included the passage itself: “Theon Greyjoy had once commented that Hodor did not know much, but no one could doubt that he knew his name.” Which is a funny thing to say, considering…(Seriously, if you know what to look for, GRRM foreshadows just about everything.)

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