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Skeptability is launching!

Hello! In case you don’t know me, I’m Sarah, and I’ve been blogging for Skepchick for almost a year now. I’ve written about my disability a couple times before, and I’ve wanted to write about it more, but I’ve always worried about doing that. Will writing about it ruin my future career chances, publicly declaring that I’m disabled? Will people stop reading what I write if all I talk about is my disability, because it’s such a bummer? What if people start thinking every disabled person’s experience is like mine?

Of course, every disabled person’s experience is distinct. My disabilities are all invisible (meaning you can’t look at me and tell that I’m disabled), which means my experience is very different from someone who is visibly disabled (such as using a wheelchair or a cane), and yet still different from people who have other disabilities– for example, I don’t have any cognitive disabilities, like ADHD. There are so many issues related to disability that should be talked about…but I don’t have the personal experience that I think is necessary to talk about all of them.

Enter Skeptability! I’m very excited to be leading this team of disability activists and to have a space where we can discuss issues in depth in a skeptical, intersectional way. There are so many things we can talk about! Let’s debate the social model of disability versus the medical model! Let’s criticize the healthcare industry without resorting to pseudoscience! Let’s talk about how class, race, and gender intersect with disability issues! We’re not all going to agree on every issue, and I think that’s great.

I want to give special thanks to Rebecca, who was so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process of setting up this sister site, and to Chris Hofstader, who went through all the work of making sure the site is accessible.

I look forward to watching this community discuss, debate, and grow. I hope you’re as excited about Skeptability as I am. Please stop by and say hi!


Sarah is a feminist, atheist vegan with Crohn’s Disease, and she won’t shut up about any of those things. You really need to follow her on Twitter (and probably Google+, just to be safe).

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  1. Hello Sarah. I look forward to reading your perspectives with respect to how your disability changes the way you live your life and anything else that you might contribute.

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