Quickies: Street harassment, fake vaccination campaigns, and fluidity


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Amanda,

    I’m glad to hear that the CIA won’t be involved in anymore fake vaccination campaigns. Unfortunately the damage is done.

    1. “I’m glad to hear that the CIA won’t be involved in anymore fake vaccination campaigns.”

      … until the next time.

    2. Yup. And I’m sure a ton of people are just going to hear this and think, “Well, that’s just cover so that we won’t suspect them of doing it again.” Seriously, with all the harm to the movement to eradicate polio and limit other diseases, and with all the preventable contractions of them, the assassination of Bin Laden really wasn’t worth it.

      1. That’s just it. It’s what I always tell people: “Conspiracy theories are bullshit, except the ones that aren’t.” (Meaning that conspiracy theories, in addition to all the usual reasons they suck, also make it harder to find real conspiracies. The apartheid government may not have invented AIDS, but they did experiment in biological warfare. COINTELPRO and the CIA’s black ops program really did exist, but that doesn’t mean every dude with a modem and a 90s-quality webpage is on a list.) And sadly, this one isn’t.

        1. Which is exactly why a secret government agency (the DRD, Department of Redundancy Department) is dedicated to the creation and promotion of conspiracy theories.

  2. Reading the article by Jade on gender fluidity was almost painfully poignant. There’s a lot I could say, but – I don’t know, I’m very used to keeping my privacy on that matter. Thank you for posting it.

  3. The director of the CIA issues a directive not to do Bad Stuff, and publicly announces the fact. But the director of the CIA can issue a directive to do Bad Stuff again and not publicly announce it.

    This will have zero weight with the people who need to be convinced (and, in my opinion, very little weight with anyone with a realistic view of the CIA.) There has to be an actual law passed before I can begin to take this seriously.

    1. Even if a law were passed, I would consider it hopelessly optimistic to believe it told a true story.

      1. Yes, the phrase ‘begin to take this seriously’ in my post above was chosen carefully. My concern would not end with there being a law.

  4. re walking – One thing that may help in these situations is to go walking with ear phones on. If you have them playing music or listening to a podcast you may not hear the abuse. The person might assume you never heard them, thus denying them the satisfaction that you heard them.

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