Quickies: Opera singer faces sexism, fighting online harassment, and an atheist film

  • An opera singer’s backlash wasn’t just sexism – “Over the weekend, she made her debut as Octavian in the Glyndebourne production of Strauss’ gender-bending comic opera “Der Rosenkavalier.” This was viewed immediately by a bunch of male British critics as an occasion to comment on Erraught’s appearance.” From Amy.
  • Fighting online harassment – “Too often, though, we talk about online abuse like we talk about bad weather: We shake our heads, shrug, and assume there’s nothing we can do. The behavior is so prevalent that it’s seen as an inextricable part of online culture.” From nowoo.
  • Help fund “A Better Life: The Film” – From the photographer who created the book of the same name, “A film exploring the meaning and joy of life with atheists from around the world. I want to change the way the world sees atheists, and the way atheists see each other and the world around them.”
  • Getting beyond how the ‘Factual Feminist’ is wrong about the prevalence of rape – “In other words, if feminists argue over whether women’s perception of involuntary sex matches the legal definition, then we lose the ability to explain that unequal sex is systematic rather than deviant. It may not be that one-in-five women has experienced rape according to the definition within criminal law (though that is certainly within the realm of possible). But if that many women have had sex involuntarily, and many more have experienced sexual coercion of various kinds, isn’t that bad enough?” From Melanie.
  • Cute Animal Friday! The half-flopped ears on this baby tree kangaroo are the cutest. And the most Canadian thing happened the other day: Man rescues baby moose and takes it to Tim Hortons.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Online harassment is…I always assumed they knew what they were doing. But I’ve been on boards where the mods didn’t take action until everyone hated the offender off the board. And that offender…didn’t seem to know that “Since you’re a girl, I assume…” is a Bad Thing to say.

    On rape, I actually think the definition of rape is still too restrictive. I mean, not all sex is penetration, so why do we define rape as such? Especially the everyday use of the term is “nonconsensual sexual acts”.

    Oh! Skepchick’s own Heina Dadabhoy has been profiled in the New York Times! Go Heina!


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