Quickies: Fatherly housework, teleportation, and censored yearbook photos


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  1. “Female students at a Utah high school want to know why their yearbook photos were altered to show less skin without them knowing about it.”
    In no particular order: sexual repression of men, patriarchy, sexism, religion, nosiness, misogyny and the pretense that women shouldn’t have any sexuality.

    1. Make sure you look at the side by side images. Whoever edited those photos is a major creeper.

      1. Hm. I may not have been looking at them very deliberately, but I’m about twice the age of the girls in question, so don’t blame me for not ogling. What part was creeperish? I may have missed it.
        What I associated this with was those women in the Temple in Utah who went over the outfits the brides were wearing and “fixed” them by putting opaque cloth under any transparent fabric, covering shoulders and crap like that.

        1. Someone browsed through all these images of underage girls searching for cleavage and then sat down with Photoshop painstakingly painting over their chests. That is super fucked up.

    2. Also, “fear of sexuality”. In so many stories from the US, there’s this undercurrent of desperately trying to pretend that children and young people (especially girls) are not sexual beings. It’s so weird.

  2. So, we have science to tell us that “walking the walk has more impact than talking the talk”. Colour me surprised.

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