Cross-Post: Who is really to blame for Elliot Rodger’s mass murder?

The following post was written by Anna and is cross-posted from Queereka.

[CW, TW for pretty much everything from misogynist violence, racism, suicide, and every horrible other thing that MRAs on a “troll” site would post]

With all the news and speculation surrounding what would compel Elliot Rodger to commit murder, who or what could we POSSIBLY blame? Is it TV? Is it video games? Is it VIOLENT TV and video games? Is it Janet Reno?

I won’t keep you waiting, the answer is, yes, it’s Elliot Rodger as well as the pervasive misogyny that our culture not just accepts as permissible, but encourages and rewards. Blood is on the hands of everyone who didn’t push back when Elliot said something that was gross, who didn’t take him seriously when he talked about “revolutions” and “giving in to hatred” and a “reckoning”. It’s every authority figure everywhere that dismisses concerns coming from women that they are being threatened, or express a feeling of danger.

In Elliot’s case, there is another force that is clearly holding copious amounts of blame here, and their kneejerk protest to their immediate association with it is extremely telling: “The Manosphere”

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