Quickies: Plane crash and Disney conspiracy theories, backlogged rape kits, and the Navy’s unqualified sexual assault counselors


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  1. Shock, horror, there were 2 muslim passengers on Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of one of the biggest muslim countries in the world! This from a commenter whose address was given as Florida International University.

    I don’t even. US = doomed.

    1. Jack99,

      That’s hardly shocking off course. But rest assured, people like Pamela Geller will tell us all that it was the Muslims that did it.

    2. The rumor, as of a couple minutes ago on CNN, is that the jet was flying for several hours after it lost contact. The report ended with the statement that the jet may have flown a several hundred miles “before it crashed or landed.”

      So the anchors are now reporting the US govt now believes the jet may have landed in secret somewhere, which is way beyond what the report actually said.

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