Quickies: Illegal upskirts, Scarleteen, hope for an HIV cure, and zombie swallows

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Amanda is a science grad student in Boston whose favorite pastimes are having friendly debates and running amok.

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  1. I’m impressed by both the speed of the no-upskirts law implementation (which also seems to cover down-blouse, infra-red and whatever else) and the comments in that column.
    There was only one “I’ll be arrested for taking pictures of cheerleaders?” comment, one “Don’t we have more important things to do?” comment and *zero* “but men have a biological need to take upskirt photos” comments.

  2. Does anyone know if the law is gender-neutral? That is, does it outlaw people lifting men’s kilts (or skirts, if that’s what they’re wearing) without their consent?

    I’m told that men who wear kilts to places like bars frequently have people lifting up their kilt, and they encounter the attitude that since they’re men they have nothing to complain about and they should just laugh it off. It’s true that a man has far less reason than a woman to feel threatened by someone lifting hir kilt/skirt, but it’s still pretty unpleasant.

    Not that kilt- or skirt-wearing men face anywhere near as much of this as women do.

    1. I assume it’s about power. A number of powwow dancers can tell you stories of women lifting the apron over their shorts (an attempt at simulating a loincloth, though a traditional loincloth would just be one strip of material). Russell Means discussed it before.

      No doubt upskirt photos similarly work off the power dynamic, in that case men having more power than women.

  3. “Zombie” tree swallows: I read the article, but can’t figure out what “zombie” has to do with anything.

    Did she add the word “zombie” to the term “tree swallows” just for the lulz? Or is there some behavior or phenomenon that could be described as “zombie” which I just missed?

  4. This is good news about the girl with HIV. Though the comments section tells me AIDS denialism and eugenics are nowhere near dead.

    I have seen, somewhere on Tumblr, this majestic picture of some lionesses. Wish I could find it right now.

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