Global Quickies: Fake Doctors, Witch Doctors, and Weird Fan Art

INDIA (From Cerberus40)
Preliminary results from new research show only 1-in-24 healthcare providers in India is qualified in modern medicine. That includes alternative medicine providers and fakers, some without any medical training, posing as physicians, even in hospitals.

PHILIPPINES (From Michael)
Policewomen members of the Women and Children Protection Desk have been in charge of security in some refugee camps for survivors of typhoon Haiyan to prevent the gender-based violence and exploitation that often follows disasters.

Pope Francis has formally accepted the resignation of the “bishop of bling”, who had been suspended over his alleged lavish spending.

The new government has shelved plans to create the country’s first science ministry, disappointing thousands of researchers who had campaigned for it.

The World Health Organization certified India officially polio-free on Thursday after the country went three years with no new cases of the illness. The WHO’s Southeast Asia region, home to a quarter of the world’s entire population, is now also believed to be polio-free.

Militias pay small fortunes to witch doctors for necklaces they believe will make then invisible and protect them from bullets, machetes, and even rockets.

A strong woman is appointed as attorney general and the internet responds by making weird fan art. The video of her press conference has over 1.6 million views and no subtitles. Something tells me these viewers are not interested on her politics.

Indonesia has banned the release of the Hollywood blockbuster Noah, saying the biblical epic contradicts the teachings of the Koran and may mislead people.

The catering hired for the Nuclear Security Summit decided only men would be hired as serving staff. The explanations given (platinum blonde ladies spoil the uniformity, pretty ladies cannot act in a reserved manner, world leaders get distracted, and more) have only made matters worse.

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