Quickies: Transwoman StarCraft champ, Janet Mock, and women Olympians


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I like races and speed. So downhill skiing, luge, speed skating. All with great womens competitors. Looking forward to seeing womens ski jumping this year!

    1. Speed skating can be mesmerizing to watch. And it’s about time women’s ski jumping was in the Olympics!

      1. I thought the logic of the opponents rather interesting. Basically it was ‘women shouldn’t be throwing themselves of high mountains’. Well that part seems logical enough. But what part of that argument would not apply equally to men?

        Who was the first idiot to take up the ski jumping thing anyhow? Did they just build a 100ft jump and then wait for someone to go down it?

  2. On the answers to creationists, I find it a bit ironic that creationists are some of the only people, apparently, who are unaware that we DIDN’T descend from monkeys.
    (Or at least not present-day monkeys and rather share a common ancestor who wasn’t a human or a monkey)

    1. My favorite was a Learning Channel (Who else?) special which set up the two chimpanzee species as putative ancestors of us, and had bonobos being the ‘feminist’ example and conventional chimps being the ‘patriarchal’ example. Leaving aside that human behavior doesn’t fit into nice binaries, much less the behavior or other primates, we’re likely the out group of that particular phylogenetic tree.

  3. I do wonder how Koreans specifically react to Scarlett. There’s a strong streak of conservatism about gender or sexuality running through Korean culture. Other than that, I was surprised at how well-written that Starcraft piece was.

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