Idaho: Guaranteed Medical Services for Straight Men Only

At long last, a new video! This one is inspired by the depressing news that Representative Luker of the Idaho State Senate has introduced a bill allowing cops and doctors to discriminate against LGBT people. I suspect this bill is meant to close a loophole in a current law allowing doctors to discriminate against women. Watch:

Things I did not make up:

Cops and doctors in Idaho can discriminate against gays if this bill passes

Doctors in Idaho can already discriminate against women

Things I made up:

As of right now poll workers can’t discriminate, and Idaho isn’t arresting and killing gay people. One can only dream, right Representative Luker?

Rainbow Idaho image comes from the Idaho State Police Wiki page.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. What’s funny is, this is another power that most doctors don’t want. (See also: Euthanasia.) You don’t get to choose your patient. But there are those who somehow think a book that illness is your own damn fault (Exodus 15:26) and you should rely on faith alone to cure you (James 5:14-15) of everything (Psalm 103:2-3) but whatever you do, don’t go to a doctor (2 Chronicles 16:12) since the best cure is faith (Matthew 9:22, Mark 5:34, Luke 8:48), or just touching a religious leader’s handkerchief or something (Acts 19:12).

    In the authors’ defense, I wouldn’t go to a Bronze Age doctor either. ;)

  2. What sort of services are the police meant to withhold? Arresting them?

    Oh sorry, Officer Plod didn’t want to run after the burglar and arrest him because the pants he was wearing were looking kind of 70s and gay…

    Florida has already passed this type of law in their legalized lynch law, aka stand your ground. Two lynching victims already. Wonder what that is going to do for the Florida tourism trade. What the jurisprudence round the stand your ground law effectively says is that if someone is a racist bigot who fears black men they can legally shoot and kill them.

    1. What sort of services are the police meant to withhold? Arresting them?
      More like “Home invasion at 4 Privet Drive? Never mind, that’s where those two [insert epithet here] live.”

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