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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Re: NY Post

    I thought men were only supposed to completely freak the fuck out about women taking over when the percentages of women to men in any given room skewed 30-70. Now it’s when there’s two women on stage at once who *gasp* mention that they are, indeed, women?

    1. My personal experience (as an engineer) is that the percentage of women in the room that make men freak out is way under 30%. In general, more than one woman at a time gets them bothered. Having 2 women on stage at the same time when their sole purpose is not to be eye candy for the menz. Horrors!!!

      1. I once worked at a restaurant that, when fully staffed, had eight women and five men working there, not including the owner (guy). The fortitude of the male employees to avoid being totally dominated and emasculated in every way, it was amazing. :P Why, they could still actually do their jobs and everything.

        Then I have also worked at a few other places where, if the gal-to-guy ratio on a given kitchen shift skewed two (or one) in six (or eight), some puddums would have a tantrum about AA hiring quotas and not getting to make “fucked your wife last night” jokes or openly ogle under aged customers any more. Not that my mere presence ever seemed to stop anyone. (insert lengthy rant about toxic masculinity in the food service industry here)

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