Quickies: Trucks are sexy, creating stem cells, and a magic bra


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The rats-with-teddy-bears photos have been the source of much squee’ing in my household. We lovz our ratties, we do!

  2. The Magic Bra is spectacularly misguided for lots of reasons, which just indicates to me that it will be a short term success as a gag gift. But 2 obvious problems: (1) if it “works,” it will probably open before the wearer gets to the stage of undressing (or maybe before she leaves the bar or party or dinner or whatever); and (2) it seems like there are good odds that being sexual harassed or assaulted would raise one’s heart rate for an extended period, thereby perhaps triggering the bra to open. I can’t think that even the inventors think it is anything more than a joke, and a really bad one at that.

    1. According to another article I read, it wasn’t just based on heart rate alone, but on the gradual rise and fall of the heart rate. This, according to the makers, is unique from changes associated with exercise, fear, anger, etc. How true this is, though, who knows.

  3. Amanda,

    Its a good idea, but good luck trying to get US government to recognize Darwin Day, without a tremendous backlash, given all the creationists in the Republican Party. At the the very least the religious right will probably demand a Michael Behe day just so we can treat both sides equally, and celebrate the controversy. ;)


    1. Figures. South Dakota is the most right-wing state in the Union. Ask any Lakota, it’s still like Jim Crow days there. And then you get people like Bill Napoli, who you can almost imagine jizzing his pants when he gave his “acceptable abortion” example of a virgin, a good Christian girl, saving herself until marriage, that was…I won’t mention the rest because, you know, it gets into a semi-graphic depiction of rape.

      1. Jon Brewer,

        Is it really that bad over there? For one thing, how would they get away with posting “whites only” signs outside of local business nowadays?

        1. Look up any stats on American Indians and crime, and you’ll get a good idea of the degree of racism in South Dakota. It is seriously, even after Janklow (who started his political career on Indian-hating, including because he was accused of raping a 15-year-old Brulé girl) was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter (for going 90 and hitting a motorcyclist), if he hadn’t quit, the majority would still vote for him.

  4. Love those huskies. I used to have a dog who would howl whenever you said “werewolf”. Seriously. And I had another dog who never figured out howling and she’d look in the other dogs’ mouths whenever they’d howl. I wonder if they wish they could breathe fire after seeing Pokémon.

    (My cousins were really into Pokémon, and I’m really into game glitches, of which Pokémon has plenty.)

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