Global Quickies 14/12/13

Hi all! I’m doing Global Quickies for Daniela this week, so hopefully I don’t screw it up too much. I’m glad you took time out from listening to the new Beyoncé album to read this!

It’s snowing in Egypt for the first time in…a long time (some reports are saying 112 years, but that was taken from a single person on twitter and I haven’t been able to find independent verification of it).

The Ukrainian President has offered amnesty to the anti-government protesters who have been jailed.

Pussy Riot may also be freed from jail sometime soon.

The highest court in Australia struck down the recent same sex marriage bill. :(

The asteroid that maybe killed the dinosaurs might have also sent life to Mars and the moons of Jupiter?

Two policemen protecting people giving polio vaccines to people in Pakistan have been killed, as well as one person helping give polio vaccines in a separate attack.

United Kingdom
Universities UK has withdrawn the advice that lectures should be gender segregated.

South Africa
South Africa’s government has agreed to invest 200 million rand in astronomy training over the next five years.

The Telegraph covers Nelson Mandela’s memorial in pictures.

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  1. Re marriage equality in Oz:
    The State by State approach has been ruled out but some have said that the High Court has done us a favour by establishing the supremacy of Federal over State Law, When a Federal Marriage Equality Law is passed, States cannot then turn around and legislate against that.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott (aka The Mad Monk) seemed surprisingly sympathetic in his comments and there is talk of a conscience vote in the life of this Parliament.

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