Skepchick Quickies 10.30

Happy Day Before Halloween! I hate it when October is over and everyone takes down their decorations. Are you dressing up this year? (I’m going to be Bunnicula.)

BONUS: The art and science of modern cuisine.


Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Fuck those “Concerned Women”. Twice now, on CT scans for kidney stones at the hospital (because I do not have health insurance nor money so the hospital was my only choice), they have done partial scans of my lungs, and there have been nodules that were found. Twice now I”ve had doctors at the hospital tell me very seriously that I need to speak to my “primary care physician.” I just laugh. I am fairly sure that the nodules are nothing, although I suppose we’ll see when I get my second CT scan results in the mail this week and I can then see if they’ve grown since June or July, which was my last scan. But it would be rather nice to be able to go to a “primary care physican” and talk to an actual medical professional to find out what my risks are, etc., rather than just wishin’ and hopin’ I’m right.

    But, alas, I can’t.

    So I just have to hope I don’t have cancer! Cross my fingers and toes. That’ll do it, right?


    Maybe next year I’ll have health insurance for the first time in half a fucking decade and I can get myself checked out and make sure I’m not, you know … dying. Ah well.

    (Spoilet alert: This time it was a kidney infection (I think I passed a small stone on my own, and as usually happens, the infection followed…I’m much better now!!!)

    1. Planned Parenthood Arizona in the Phoenix area has primary care physicians, but I don’t know if they can interpret a CT scan or if they’re just there to diagnose strep throat and things like that. In any case, much easier to get an appointment there than figure out how to see a PCP through AHCCCS or whatever.

      (Not to sound stalkery, but I believe I remember you being from Phoenix.)

      1. They probably provide what a Minute Clinic (a clinic inside a CVS Pharmacy) would provide, which isn’t much more than your basic cold care and whatnot. And even pap smears at PP here in AZ aren’t cheap — we don’t get fuck all for funding (not a surprise, I’m sure). It’s often cheaper to pay out of pocket at regular doctor’s, actually. I’m not even sure PP offers sliding scale here anymore.

        But regardless, I ain’t got no money. Like, at all. I am short on rent again. So. No money for anything extra.

        Oh, and I don’t qualify for AHCCCS. I am a childless adult. Even adults with children don’t qualify as easily anymore, but I don’t qualify AT ALL (I never have, actually; even when childless adults could qualify, I made “too much” — on unemployment).

        I am one of those that constantly falls through the cracks.

        I really need help for my anxiety and bi-polar as well but instead I get to just deal as best I can with no help whatsoever (I do okay, kinda have to). Shrug. At 32 years old I’m used to it by now.

      2. And feel free to “stalk” away! I’m quite open about where I live and allthat jazz. :) Aside from our terrible government (which is slowly getting better!), I do love Phoenix.

    2. This is the bit that I don’t get. Are Republicans angry because young people ARE being pressured into universal health insurance, or because they are NOT? Or both at the same time?

      1. They are pissed that young people have to pay more to balance out costs (and men for women, there is a lot of misogyny in their arguments as well) so they have been making predictions that Obamacare would go down in flames because not enough young people would sign up. Now they are pissed because young people are signing up and thwarting their dire predictions so they are trying to get those young people to stop signing up. Something tells me they won’e be volunteering to pay any medical bills for the uninsured that they are now encouraging.

        Short sighted as ever.

    1. So it seems like, both at the same time then? They seem to have some funny ideas about how insurance works. I fail to see anything unique about the new US version. Perhaps they need to look up the meaning of “universal”.

      As I’ve said before, it’s not the young subsidising the old, although it may seem that way initially, but rather YOU susidising yourself when you are old.

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