Skepchick Quickies 10.22


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Believe it or not, there are still some people who pipette by mouth. Mostly older scientists who pass on their bad habits to others. I’ve gotten in trouble for doing it a couple of times myself.

  2. Also (this blog needs an edit function), I’ve always wondered why they keep a coffee maker in the lab. Mouth pipetting seems minor compared to that huge infraction. But, on TV everybody eats in the lab.

  3. geeze, lean in sounds creepy. I don’t use facebook or own a television so I hadn’t heard of any of this. The “you’re going to hell” stuff is really over the top.

    –What about “internal obstacles,” I asked Randall—the sort of obstacles that cause women to curb their ambitions because they’re afraid they won’t be likable? She pondered the question for a time. “I don’t know,” she said finally. “That’s just not the world I came from.–

    That’s not the world I come from either. :/ I wonder how many people really are.

  4. You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! That’s what I think of “Lean In.” It’s a slogan from Virginia Slims. The advancement of the hierarchical culture. Any woman who actually rises to the top was always going to be there, because honest, hard work is not how its done. Eating shit is how one rises in middle management. Celebrating the patriarchy is how one achieves success in the business world. I’d call it achieving Pinkness in the Conspiracy (Hail Connie! Praise “Bob!”)

  5. Maybe if I say something before my block quote, it will work?

    She had received a fan email from a reader who “never graduated from college” and had gone back to work in 1998 after her husband lost his job. “Until she read Lean In, she had never asked for a raise. And last week, she asked for a raise.” Pause for the drum roll. “And she got it! That’s what this is about.”

    But only if she forwards it to 10 friends. Another woman broke the chain and the next day she sprained her ankle on the stairmaster.

    Read the whole article. It describes a corporate co-opting of the women’s movement. I’m picturing a giant Soylent pyramid scheme where women “lean in” in order to scramble up to the top (just within reach of the glass ceiling), not realizing that the pyramid >ChuckHeston<is made of people!&gtl/ChuckHeston<

    1. One out of two… my blockquote worked, but I completely messed up my attempt at a joke html tag…

      <ChuckHeston>is made of people!</ChuckHeston>

        1. I swear I wasn’t thinking of the Food Pyramid* when I wrote “Soylent pyramid”.

          [*] Okay, I was googling for a link to the USDA food pyramid when I came across this one and couldn’t resist… Maybe I should submit it to Bad Chart Thursday, since the permitted quantities of items on it (Weil’s version) don’t seem to correlate at all with the size of the block or its level on the pyramid. Like “unlimited amounts of cooked Asian mushrooms” is near the top. And why Asian? Why cooked? Why isn’t soy included with beans and legumes? And a whole level of “supplements” without any type or quantity indicated. Maybe I should market bacon as a supplement…

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