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ICYMI: September 29 – October 5 on the Skepchick Network

Teen Skepchick

Science Sunday: Bohemian Gravity Explained, or, What is String Theory?
Avery explains the science behind Bohemian Gravity.

The Physics Philes, lesson 67: I-Beam, You-Beam, We-All-Beam for…Physics!
Mindy starts her study of elasticity and equilibrium in squishy objects.

Speak Your Mind: Shut. It. Down.
Have you been effected by the government shutdown?

Mad Art Lab

How to Go to a Museum During a Government Shutdown
Can’t go to your favorite museum because of the government shutdown? Try the Google Art Project.

Art Inquisition: Are There Hands in Your Handmade?
What do you think counts as “handmade?”

Cursebrand – Chapter 10
Read the latest installment of Ryan’s novel.

Skepchick SE

Psychotherapy and Pseudoscience in Cold, Hard Numbers (på svenska)
Appropriate allocation of resources is important when getting mental health care to people who need it.


Leftovers on Mars? (en español)
Bruno asks if humans (or other races) have been contaminating Mars.


AI: Habituation and Comfort Zones
Are there things you used to struggle with that you suddenly realized don’t bother you anymore?

Skepchick Norge

A Sad and Grey Day (på norsk)
Nica discusses a news article where a woman who got a job at a kindergarten was told when she showed up to sign her contract that she could not have the job after all because she had tattoos. Their reasoning: “It sends the wrong signals to the children.”

School of Doubt

Pop Quiz: Are You Shutdown?
Has the government shutdown effected your work?

Pop Quiz: Surprise Jesus
Have you ever been surprised by a colleague’s religious beliefs?

The Atheist Academic XIV: I’m NOT Angry!
Where does the myth of the angry atheist come from?

Skepchick Events

MN: ZOOOMBIES….. brainzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… grr..
It’s a full day of zombie-related events in Minneapolis!

Event: SlutWalk Minneapolis
Despite criticism of the name, a SlutWalk is happening in the Twin Cities.

Kickstarter for a Winter Solstice Celebration
Help a group of NYC atheists fund their winter solstice celebration.

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Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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