Global Quickies: 12/10/2013

Here are your links to this week’s world news. Special thanks to Mary for helping me out this week.

AUSTRALIA (From Michael)
A study finds that more than half of female doctors suffer harassment by patients.

A 6 year-old trans girl gets government approval to legally change her gender.

A 16 year-old boy died after drinking 18 liters of holy water in an exorcism ritual.

A woman gave birth alone in a clinic yard after being told by nurses to go home without examining her. Mother and child are okay.

NORWAY (From Mary)
Live 5-hour competitive knitting TV show to hit the airwaves. They’ll do it from scratch: from sheep to sweater.

The new documentary The Network shows how TOLO TV is attempting to bring free media to Afghanistan.

By October 14, the United States Antarctic Program will run out of money. With research suspended, both short-term studies and long-running data sets will be rendered useless.

PAKISTAN (From Mary)
Malala Yousafzai Defends Herself Against Oddball Conspiracy Theories: Conservative critics have accused her of fabricating an assassination attempt and being aligned with the West, but she remains committed to advocating for young girls in Pakistan. And if you haven’t seen her interview on the Daily Show, what are you waiting for?

RUSSIA (From Mary)
Russia’s Online-Comment Propaganda Army: It’s like writing copy about hair dryers, one comment-shop explains, “The only difference is that this hair dryer is a political one.”

ITALY (From Mary)
Here’s a very interesting interview with Pope Francis.

A group of 12 year-old kids write a letter to El País newspaper to explain how their classmates who don’t opt out of religion class get to go to the movies, paintball and play in the yard, while they are doing school work. They argue that this is bribery by the church so kids choose Catholicism.

CHILE (via @suralista)
A musical flashmob for science!


Featured image: Letter to El País by a 12 year-old.


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