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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. The weird thing about this conspiracy theory is that many make the same claim about straight marriage, and I have seen at least a couple of straight marriages that fit the pattern–no lesbian marriages that did, though.

  1. Amanda,

    In another version of the “Planned Parenthood is trying to get kids hooked on sex” conspiracy theory that I’ve heard, its not necessarily the case that condoms are inherently ineffective, but that Planned Parenthood deliberately sabotages the condoms somehow, to make sure they don’t work.

  2. I suppose if the little girl used some harsh chemical straightener to un-fad her hair, the school would have been more than accommodating!

    What unbelievable assholes.

  3. I have sort of a weird experience regarding female conductors. See, I only started going to the symphony on a semi-regular basis in the last few years, so the only symphony to speak of that I’ve gone to is the one in my city: the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Though it’s sadly not mentioned in the article up there, the BSO is where Marin Alsop makes her permanent home as music director, so by far the majority of symphonies I’ve seen have been conducted by her. As a result, even though I know it’s an incredibly male-dominated profession, whenever I picture an orchestra conductor I instinctively picture a woman.

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