Skepchick Quickies 9.20


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The GOP video is not a surprise. I don’t think the Republicans are a political party any more. They are a loose confederation of hucksters making a fortune out of informercial type marketing techniques. They will say anything to make a buck.

    This isn’t about changing government policy. It is about parting the ignorant rubes and bigoted billionaires that fund them from their cash. And a least twenty cents on every dollar donated finds its way into the bulging wallets (and offshore bank accounts) of these creeps.

    The big money is to be had by stoking the ego of Scaife or the Koch brothers trying to expunge the guilt of a family fortune built by their father in Stalin’s gulags.

    George W. is building a museum to glorify his memory. I have some ideas for a museum to honor the entire right wing properly and a gift shop selling transvaginal probe vibrators and butt plugs in the shape of Risk Santorum’s head.

  2. Shorter pope: The church is still stalwart in it’s condemnation of queer people (unless they stop being queer and reproductive autonomy and healthcare, but you should stop paying attention to that, because it’s bad PR. Stop pointing that out and making us look bad.

  3. Libertarians have been pushing the idea that universal health care will be like having your doctors appointment at the DMV for a while now, so this sort of marketing attempt is pretty much par for the course. It’s the religious right that’s been trying to regulate a pregnant woman as a medical device (the Pauls being an exception). What the libertarians are afraid of is that young people without insurance will look at Obamacare and choose a plan out of their own rational self interest. If they “opt out” they might not see how the rates in the exchanges are significantly lower than the rates they didn’t think were worth it. Can’t have them seeing government regulation doing something good.

    The new Pope has been speaking like a Christian. I’m usually adverse to giving credit for doing stuff you’re supposed to do, in this case it’s nice to see him doing his job. I feel the same way as an atheist being told I don’t necessarily have to go to hell as I did as a Jew when John Paul II told me the same thing; thanks for the nice thought, I don’t want you to suffer for eternity either. However, if he really wants to do the bare minimum in a way that impresses me, he can turn Bernard Law over for extradition. You’re not supposed to harbor fugitives from justice either. Heck, he can continue to think I’m going to burn in hell if he does that.

    1. I would rather have going to the doctor be like going to the DMV than have no health care other than going into the ER (and then massively into debt). Not that I agree with that Republican analogy,

  4. Valentina Tereshkova can’t go to Mars, we need her here on earth doing hero cosmoonaut stuff. The first mod I installed for Kerbal Space Program was to create Valentina (and Sally) Kerman. Then I made Uri and Alan, who’s name was Alan Kerman, which as a middle aged man of Ashkenazi decent, I found amusing.

    Buzz Aldrin’s been pushing this idea of spending billions to send humans to die on Mars despite the absence of anything for them to do there for a while. But, Adrin’s plan involves breeding them like lab rats in attempt to start a Martian spin off of humans and at 76, Valentina’s probably too old for that. It’s got to be a diverse blend of young, fertile people.

    1. The whole “colony” idea is impossible at this stage, even if it was desirable. The last thing we need is a bunch of Cowboys in Space, contaminating the planet and ruining any chances of discovering signs of independent life there.

      OTOH, a base on Mars, under strict guidelines to preserve the pristine environment, would be a good thing.

        1. Well, we kind of didn’t have a choice. The Earth was all used up, so we needed to move to a new Solar System.

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