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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. By Meh over at Adios Barbie

    As long as fashion is ruled by gay men, female models will look like the twinks those men desire.

    What I find funny is the refusal by feminists to call them out. Patriarchy is still patriarchy even if the patriarch is
    isn’t a breeder.

    Until women reject men making fashion choices for them, they will be enslaved to what those men want.

    There is so much wrong there. Blatant bigotry, gender exclusion, what I think could be unpacked as gender essentialism, awful generalisations about gays in fashion, twinks and the sexual proclivities of gay men as well as being just wrong about who runs fashion and where and what the problem(s) with fashion really is(are).

    The article is revealing and disturbing and the quotes highlight the obvious moral and ethical failings of the fashion industry, both as an internal and external conflict, but also personally. It’s clear that the problem is societal, and, while I know that feminists aren’t monolithic (just as gays aren’t either), I don’t see what could possibly be gained by laying blame squarely at the feet of gays merely because of their gender and with such a simplistic view of patriarchy. Or, I don’t see how bigotry is supposed to be a helpful response to the issue of extreme-thinness in the fashion industry.

    1. That’s not the first time I’ve seen that idea, unfortunately. The people who espouse it seem to want a cookie, for recognizing the “true enemy” of women.

      1. Well, I do get the express feeling that the person behind that comment wanted approbation. I wonder if xi realises just how damaging that sort of rhetoric actually is? (I don’t expect so.)

  2. I’ve always liked Monica Richards’ “Fell to Regret” as an angry feminist-ish song:

    Is this a new Dark Age?
    Are these the blackest days?
    All fell to regret.
    Do you have nothing to say?
    While they ignore the Modern Slave?
    All fell to regret.

    Horror at the hands of elders breeds a new crop of monsters
    The soulless profit-makers.
    In the name of their Savior.
    The Patriarch Conspiracy sold me off for pennies
    All world religions united to keep the women obliging
    Wandering the brothelways we scream through nights and sleep the daze
    They cage us like tigers to use for their desires.
    Sell and trade us like a drug that can be used again and again.

    Predator trained as prey.
    Socialized to be meek and obedient.
    The anger in woman is dangerous.

    Traditional Values, the modern passive Witch Hunt.
    A fifties fabrication that never existed
    Repressed Fundamentalist seeks a sicker decadence
    Am I the mother of Harlots – the younger the better
    Now self-esteemless Glamour tarts flaunt their sexuality
    In the name of Girl Power,
    They’ll lose the fight forever.
    Selling and trading themselves to the game again and again.

    Is this a new Dark Age?
    Are these the blackest days?
    All fell to regret.
    Is this a new Dark Age?
    While they strip your freedoms away?

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