Skepchick Quickies 8.20


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. I once heard that among some aborigines, the men traditionally grasped each other’s penises as a greeting. Don’t know how true it is. Either way, I’m pretty sure that what a man in the Outback will tolerate has nothing to do with what a woman in Poland will, and I can’t see Poland being so different as to “Oh, they like having their boobs grabbed by random guys.”

  1. “Most of the women have gone the straightforward route in collecting dick pics, using versions of their real OKCupid profiles and brief conversations—sometimes just going right for the jugular and straight-up asking for a dick pic, avoiding flirtation and conversation at all costs. One of the artists, however, went a step further by posing as a gay man on Grindr and wound up with 150 photos, which didn’t surprise any of the sex scientists or researchers I spoke to.”

    Sorry. Lost my support there. Unsolicited dick pics? Sure. You’re rude enough to send those to someone, suffer the consequences.

    But when you start asking for them and you put them up online without the owners permission, you are in the wrong.

      1. Agreed. Sexts? Fine. Put it on a webpage? Knock yourself out, with a disclaimer on a splash page before the actual genitalia. (On a blog, this would be an adult content warning, and putting the actual pictures after the jump.) But sending it to random people? I hope and pray one of them does something like this.

        OTOH, soliciting dick pics, then displaying them without the photographer-slash-model’s knowledge? No, please don’t.

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