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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Burka avenger… that’s just awesome. The article looks at some criticism of using the Burka, and the creator handles the answer very responsibly, but I think artistically it’s an even better choice than he makes it out, because it treats the burka very ironically. It’s no longer a tool of oppression, it’s a tool for liberation. Empowering to fight evil with a disguise. Making it super functional rather than restricting. If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that when a group takes an word/object used to disenfranchise that group, and turns it around and makes it their own, it disarms that word/objects power. This could be a fascinating way to subvert the sexist culture of the burka.

    1. yeah, it seems like they’re turning the burqa into more of a ninja-style outfit; ninjas also cover everything, but they do it to be invisible and sneaky and mysterious and shit (plus, masks on superheroes are normal anyway). It sounds interesting in any case.

  2. A group has been given a two-month extension in which to raise enough money to save some of the Detroit-area factory where Rosie the Riveter helped build World War II-era bombers

    If its anything like the housing mess they have there, there are probably 14 other, actually condemned, and non-historically relevant, factories a few blocks away, which they are not tearing down, because, somehow, these ones are more important to destroy, or “still in use”.

  3. The future of atheism article just bored me. Although the author admits that the straw feminist image presented is fictitious, they also seem to be implying that it is deserved – that it was somehow earned by feminism, rather than just being a slanderous caricature – and that feminism today is about taking revenge for past inequality, as so still deserve that image. I don’t think they realize that both feminism and atheism are always going to be caricatured by their detractors, and that the author’s bought into the validity of both caricatures, in spite of being “someone who always challenges [their] preconceptions”.

    1. The author also implies that this need for revenge is driven because feminism’s fight for equality has been won, and now that women are all equal and shit they’re bored with victory and want to move on to punishment. Gee, it’s great to find out that pervasive, institutionalized sexism is totes a thing of the past!

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