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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I read the comments on the camp story, because I like punishing myself like that. But it seems the pro-camp voices are outnumbering the anti-camp voices. (also, I had to giggle at one of the bigots telling everyone they’re “diluted”.) Still, I found it very disconcerting how many people think the boys were somehow “forced” to wear dresses and how that’s gonna make them mentally ill. wtf?

      1. Yeah, its actually even more stupid than that. The trend seemed to be the “assume” that a boy in a dress was a bad thing, by definition, somehow, and, as usual, ignore history. I mean, obviously being dressed in well, a dress, turned FDR gay, right? Oh, wait, you mean it didn’t? Nor did it do so for like… most of the population of the US, back when it was actual common for boys to wear them, up until 2-3 years of age? Gosh! But its still somehow ‘wrong’, right? lol

        Only thing that annoys me more than these clueless, and paranoid, people is the inexplicable inability of certain sites, like the one these people where replying on, to try to use fairly standard “redirected logins” via facebook, or google, and somehow screw them up so badly that they fail to work properly, or at all, using common browsers. Come on people, when 50% of your bloody audience can’t log in to post, it makes your web designer look like a complete idiot, and, if you are, as sometimes happens, a major company, it makes you look like an idiot for hiring the idiots. Geesh…

    1. I think “diluted” is going to be a new thing, like the Intertubes and evilution. For example, “I saw on the Intertubes how all those diluted evilutionists are causing the downfall of civilization because they are promoting sin and preversion.”

      I hope when these kids grow up, the whole world will be a safe place for them and whoever they discover they are, all the time, not just for 4 days one summer at a special camp. Probably unlikely, but sometimes good things happen.

  2. That pro-life post really confused me until I got to this “I am pro-life because I care about the woman who goes through that. She is a player in this, too”, when I became angry.

    Throughout the rest of the article, every time he mentioned “I’m pro-life because…” I replaced pro-life with pro-choice just about everywhere and agreed, In fact, he completely avoids the (IMO) central issue, what the pro-choice/pro-life labels are really about, that in general those that call themselves pro-lifers want to deny women the right to control their own bodies. I don’t have issues with those other things he mentioned; proper education, access to birth control, proper care etc. Those are all things we should work towards, and as a pro-choicer I agree.

    But then we come to the quoted part…
    “I am pro-life because I care about the woman who goes through that. She is a player in this, too.”
    What. The. FUCK?
    She’s a player in this TOO? The pregnant woman is a player in this TOO?
    She’s THE player in a pregnancy, asshole! She’s the only player whose opinion really matters in a pregnancy. Others can come with whatever opinions they want, but when it comes to the choice of terminating a pregnancy or not, the pregnant woman’s is the only voice that matters.

    And THAT is what makes me pro-choice.

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