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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. That story about the pencil-raped kid is Steubenville all over again. In Steubenville, there was all the typical “she was asking for it”, “she got drunk” crap. But here, the townspeople don’t seem to give a flying fuck about any kind of rationalization about the kids “deserving” it. Their attitude is just “What the hell’s your problem? Everybody’s had something involuntarily jammed in one of their orifices at some some point. Why are *you* so important that *you* get to go to the police? Suck it up!”
    It must be so weird to be that kid. On top of the actual incident, the aftermath of people getting angry at you for insisting that there’s something wrong with violently enforced, non-consensual penetration. (That probably even qualifies as Whoopi’s “rape rape”.)
    “No, look. I’m not the crazy one here. You’re *not* supposed to do to that to people.”
    At least they left the town. It’s not like you’d want to stay there.
    Hell, it’s not like I’d want to visit there.
    Daddy’ll just keep driving, kids. We’ll stop to pee in the next town. Or the side of the road. Or in your pants. God only knows what’ll happen if we stop at a gas station.

    1. I think we need a new rule. Anything like that happens in a town and the locals try to suppress it then they just don’t get any high school sports. None, zip, nada. The state comes in and just shuts the school teams down for five years. They don’t get to play any competitive match against another school in or out of state during the ban. And when they start again they have to have all new team names and everything.

      They already have that type of sanction for professional teams. Time to bring it to the school teams.

      There is something really rotten with small town America values if they let this sort of thing happen without recourse. But this is the ‘real America’ that the Republican party is always harping on about as the ideal.

  2. Amanda

    The good news is that I have a hard time believing that law in Iowa that requires a woman to seek the Governor’s approval To get Medicaid to cover an abortion will stand. However, although its a horrible law, I think the title of the piece was somewhat misleading. If you read the Addicting Info commentary closely enough, it doesn’t say that the women will need the governor’s approval to get an Abortion, it just says that under the law they’ll need his approval to get the state to pay for it, which is still really bad, especially since it may make it very difficult for poor women who’s lives are in danger to terminate a pregnancy if their life might depend on it.

    1. I thought that was misleading. They need to correct it. The normal practice is that the headlines are written by the subeditors. So they will often just glance over the text and make a bollocks of it.

      The scheme may fall foul of the ACA provisions which stop states from reducing their Medicare services if they are going to get the grants.

    2. Exactly what I thought when reading the title… very misleading. My understanding is that it’s about approval for coverage, not approval for abortion, and it’s after the fact.

      Still very very stupid.

  3. There was a national outcry against the gang rape in New Delhi and the Taliban assassination attempt of Malala in Pakistan. Yet excuses are made for crimes against humanity here in the USA, “the land of the free”. The incidents in Norwood and Steubenville were appalling. It is so sickening that the Norwood townsfolk support the perpretrators and denounce the victim.

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