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  1. Amazingly complete lack of concrete information in the Whitehead article. Just innuendo and conspiracies. How about some falsifiable details, like when (more precisely than August, 1901), where, who flew (just Whitehead or someone else as well?), who witnessed the flight, what was the result of the flight (time in the air, distance covered, altitude achieved. if it crashed, it doesn’t count), were there any subsequent flights, why didn’t they publicize it, are there any photographic or other records? We know the answers to all these questions for the Wright brothers. The extremely poor NBC news-bite article answers exactly none of them.

  2. Sigh.. I kind of hate some online magazine sites, where you can’t post commentary. The article on vitamins makes a comment on, “Free radicals may not be as evil as advertised.” Uh, yeah, pretty much. The current genetic research, by the same guy that claimed they caused “damage to cells”, seems to imply that they actually trigger cellular repair mechanisms, while “anti-oxidants”, while they may prevent some damage, also put the breaks on those repair systems. Several test species, when “natural” anti-oxidants where genetically disabled, lived 25% longer than normal, and then lost the added longevity, when supplements where added back into their diets. Just what that means for humans isn’t yet certain, but, yeah.. taking this shit is stupid, I just wish it had been possible to post a commentary on the genetic reasons for it, since Offit either isn’t aware of the research, or, for some reason, opted not to mention it.

  3. That pillows artice has to be the creepiest, sleaziest thing I’ve ever heard of a business doing. And then they actually defended it? I don’t care that they stopped, Imagesolutions are disgusting people.

  4. I find it interesting that Proxmire was the villain of the megavitamin issue.
    He was also somewhat notorious (especially among fans of the space program) for his ‘Golden Fleece’ award which he gave for science research grants which he thought were undeserving. They tended to be for research projects which could be distorted to look wasteful.
    A recent similar thing by another politician was Palin attaching fruit fly research.

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