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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Holy crap. Notarized?

    I can see the point of getting parental permission (I think it’s a terrible idea, but I can understand that they want to be sure that kids are talking to their parents about this stuff), but what possible reason can there be for needing to show these forms to your local bank manager / teacher / accountant other than slut shaming? I mean, are they even trying to hide it any more?

    1. I have to disagree, I see no point in having to inform the parents at all. The kids who have parents that will say “Sure I’ll drive you to the clinic, we can get ice cream when we are done” are going to be the kids that are being taught that sexual health is important. This is all about scaring kids into doing nothing. And by “nothing” I mean not getting tested, they will have sex either way.

      1. Like I say, it’s a terrible idea, but I can understand why people might think it sounds like a good idea. I could believe it was supported by well-meaning but misguided people. But the notary public stuff? That’s just evil.

  2. Are we justifying the position of notary by increasing their traffic? Conspiracy theory aside…really? This is pretty silly stuff. Hey Mom can you meet me at the notary; I have a rash and want to get good medical care.

    “Teenagers without a parent or guardian would be required to stand before a judge and request a judicial bypass in order to obtain those health services.” Really, wow, is this now what court is for? Again, do we need more traffic through the court system for apparently visiting the doctor? Oh and by the way, you don’t have a Mom or Dad to sign this so go talk to the Honorable ———– and discuss your health care? WTF!

    Does EVERYTHING have to be regulated?

    1. Isn’t it obvious? The point is to see to it that the test and the treatment won’t happen. People who have sex must be punished, and anything that ameliorates the consequences of sex, such as an HPV vaccine or birth control, cannot be allowed to happen.

      1. I am sure you may know, not all STD’s transmitted because of sex. Certain things just get thrown under this umbrella. A child can be born with AIDS or herpes or any number of ‘STD’s’. They are in the end just diseases. There are vaginal infections that can be much like those of STD’s that an antibiotic will clear up. I am not a doctor, so I don’t know the details, just that diseases don’t carry banners like you can only get me from sex. I know these people making these laws are out for their sexless world, where sex is a sin and should be put up to public scrutiny. They can’t see the problems with their own logic.

        1. And they clearly live in a consensual world where minors are never raped and even if they were are asking for it and deserve what is coming to them. They can not imagine the horror of a parent or guardian raping their child and said child not wanting to ask parent for STD testing.

        2. Yes, rules must be obeyed because they are the rules….
          There must be more punishment. There are not enough people in jail. Especially marginalised minority groups.

          Seriously, though, you bring up a great point, which is that nobody really knows for sure whether they have an STD until after they have visited a doctor. So how does this play out? The first visit would be to the doctor, not the notary. An ethical doctor would treat the infection, regardless of parental permission, as the first obligation is always to the patient

          I can see this stupid legislation will be ignored by ethical doctors until one runs foul of the law and there is a big test case. With a bit of luck the whole thing will be overturned in the courts. Of course, I could be wrong!

  3. Amanda,

    I know how to keep a woman out of bed with any man. Show them that they used “The Mystery Method” : )

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