Skepchick Quickies 5.29

On May 29, 1913, Stravinsky’s pagan-inspired The Rite of Spring debuted in Paris. The music was so unusual for the time that it is known for causing a riot. (That is discussed in this episode of Radiolab.)

BONUS: Jimmy Fallon’s Game Of Thrones Tribute Is Surprisingly Amazing (from Andy).


Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Just watched the Sarkeesian video and really enjoyed it. Glad to see that my gaming tastes have for the most part avoided such tropes these days. Except for Borderlands 2… which I still love, just a little less now ;)

  2. Mary

    That Game of Thrones Video was funny, even through I’ve never actually watched the show. I sent it to a friend, who really loves it.

      1. Also, my response to the Red Pill Theorist would probably be a quote from the Cosmic Owl:

  3. What the hell is with these “beta” people?
    Seriously. Close the shopping malls and evacuate the zoo, because that’s taking the Inferiority Complex all the way past ludicrous into Plaid.
    If you really think you’re a “beta” and your only way to female companionship is to force women to give up on getting someone better so they’ll settle for you, you ought to be doing something about that.
    I just can’t believe the whiny …
    I mean … take up arc welding, or carpenty, or martial arts. Hit the gym, Do something awesome and “manly” with yourself so you don’t feel like such a wimp. Then maybe, when you meet someone you like, she’ll see a guy who isn’t completely self-absorbed in his self-determined loser status.
    That’s just … wow … you need like, special aluminum tubes and centrifuges to produce a high-grade self-fulfilling prophecy like that.

        1. That and my Cosmic Owl YouTube link above really goes through my head a lot lately *sigh*

      1. I love this quote, discussing how women in the 30s have to marry “betas” because their egg timers are going off.
        “But what if they don’t have to? They’ve got frozen eggs, and early-thirties women can be decent looking.”
        That’s right, the guy is basically saying that the only way he can have a relationship with a woman is she starts feeling unattractive and gets desperate.
        I see very little difference between this “beta” and a pick-up artist. Okay, the PUA *makes* a woman feel shitty about herself, while the beta just waits for time to do the job he’s too scared to do himself. But really, these two groups are not far apart as far as M.O. is concerned.

        1. I remember a former co-worker of mine who had the ‘beta’ complaints down pat AND was lapping up all that PUA crap. I remember once asking him “So, all these women you’ve been getting rejected by are, in your estimation, completely superficial … especially the 9s and 10s?” The fact that he never got that irony made me want to cry.

        1. No, Radiolab patronized you. It’s what their good at. I was screaming at my radio during that entire segment.

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