Skepchick Quickies 5.23

  • The wanted generation – Amanda Marcotte on why we should thank feminism for the open attitudes of the millenials. From nowoo.
  • People want to matter – Greta Christina on the talk that Rebecca Goldstein gave at WiS2. She has a new and interesting way to think about an old problem that secularism faces.
  • How to bully god – Cute comic, from Zoltan.
  • Alex Jones pushes tornado truther story – Weather control conspiracy theories are one of my favorites to explain to people. Thanks for giving me another completely awful example, Alex Jones! From Critical Dragon1177.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Meteorologists, Atmospheric Scientists, and Aerospace Engineers the world around are getting a good laugh from Alex Jones today.

  2. I genuinely hope Alex Jones is just a bullshit artist, because the alternative is that he’s a very broken person indeed

    If he believes the words that come out of his mouth, Alex Jones lives in a world that’s a weird and depressing place. Everything that happens is part of a conspiracy to take his rights away. There are no accidents or tragedies, just vast coverups designed to look like accidents. How does someone live like that? How long before the waitress putting a smiley face on your check is a signal that the food you just ate had a radio transmitter in it?

    I hope he’s just a bullshitter. I have family members who have had these sorts of paranoid delusions, and they’re both depressing and terrifying.

    1. Geekoid,

      I know. That changes it from funny to scary. Much like Creationism, when you realize that people actually believe that nonsense.

  3. Essentially, Jones is saying the government has Destro’s Weather Dominator … which is ridiculous when they could have just used Cobra’s ‘Pyramid of Darkness’ to control the entire globe.

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