Skepchick Quickies 5.14


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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      1. Yeah, have to love the whole, “Its not a legit profession, but, in this case we will ‘force’ people to do it anyway, because we need someone to provide the service.” Err.. Wouldn’t that imply that a) it is a service, and b) it makes sense to have a legal one, in the first place? Ah, who am I kidding… Its so much “better” to call it immoral, then have it happening anyway, with, or without, government sanction, all over the damn world, even today, without anyone involved having legal recourse, protections, or rights.

        And, the supreme irony has to be that, in the US, “swinging” started on air bases, for the opposite reason – because no one wanted their new wife, if they died in war, to be alone and without financial support. (Though, note, no one, even then, offered the suggestion of the even more horrible idea of ‘multiple marriage’, as apposed to the vile practice known as polygamy.) Man, we have come a long way since then.. from inventing the practice, to condemning it as an immoral act that is part of what is destroying the country.. Such “progress”!

        Sometimes the level of outright stupid people show about human sexuality, and the excuses they make to invent bad, unreasonable, or even outright illegal, vile, and evil, ways to act on their urges **despite** condemning the very idea that they have any in the first place, is enough to make me start wearing a helmet, so I won’t end up like one of those kids who does nothing but sit in a corner and bang their heads against the wall.

    1. “Comfort” is such an ugly euphemism for raping and dehumanizing another people. Japan (like America) really needs to take a hard look at their history.

    1. That report made me extremely angry – especially when you consider that sometimes the staff themselves are responsible. But hey, who’s going to listen to a psychiatric patient?

      This was Victoria, but it’s the same story in my State and if you dig just a little bit, you will probably find it’s the same in yours.

  1. I notice in articles about slut shaming, no one worries about girls being distracted by what boys are wearing. Funny that, do they think girls don’t notice boys or are girls not supposed to have a sex drive? So teenagers get distracted by each other.. this is news? Guess what, they learn to deal with ignoring distractions ! Welcome to the rest of your life.

    1. Yes, there is an awful streak of historical revisionism and denial of responsibility for war crimes in Japan. This needs to be firmly and publicly corrected. I sometimes think we cut them too much slack because we feel guilty about how WWII ended.

      1. Germany definitely got a hell of a lot more remonstration than their Axis partner, and I think it’s telling in how the right-wing in Japan tends to harbor this strong revisionist, nationalist streak.

        Then again, here in the U.S. we have some politicians who can’t stop making asinine comments about rape, so there’s that.

  2. Just to add, the Mayor of Osaka is just another example of this. I remember that just about a year ago Japanese officials came to Palisades Park, NJ (the town with the highest concentration of ethnic Koreans in the U.S. — 50% of the population) because they wanted to pressure the municipality to remove this small monument to “comfort women” in one of our parks.
    This is really frustrating.

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