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ICYMI: April 28 – May 4 on the Skepchick Network

Teen Skepchick

Eating Disorders Cross Culturally
Olivia argues that we need more research into how eating disorders manifest across cultures.

Speak Your Mind: Transitions
How do you deal with transitioning from one phase of life to another?

Why the Green Party Lost My Vote
Their stance on alternative medicine lost the Green Party the cherished Eddy vote.

Mad Art Lab

Frolicking Frogs: Ballet Cosplay, Part 2
What do frogs and ballet have in common? (Hint: It involves boiling leotards.)

Creative Dissonance Episode 7 – Ceiliculus
Ryan and Friends combine math and dancing. As you do.

The Physics and Chemistry of Emulsions and Blender Mayonnaise
Anne explains how mayonnaise works and how to make it yourself.

Skepchick SE

On Skepticism and Society (på svenska)
Technicolor is tired of debunking dowsing rods and wants to apply her skeptical approach to more important issues.

Real Beauty (på svenska)
Felicia finds flaws in both the science and the message of Dove’s latest Real Beauty installment.


Riddle Me This (en español)
Can you guess which article with advice for wives was written in 1963 and which one in 2013?

Surrounded by Women (en español)
The truth about sex ratio myths.

False Medicines: An Out of Control Empire (en español)
Skeptics in Argentina write a letter asking their food and drug administration to take action against alternative medicine.


AI: Weird Hobbies
Do you have any secret hobbies?

Woo and Cold Reading
What happens when a doctor starts recommending acupuncture? You fire their ass.

Skepchick Norge

“Glyconutrients” and the Abuse of Science (på norsk)
Julie writes about another unnecessary “health food” that abuses science to make a profit.

School of Doubt

Lesson Plans: Creative Writing and the Egg on My Board
Tori slips some skepticism into her creative writing class by smashing an egg against a wall.

Science Education – An Endangered Species?
Nicole – and many others – is concerned about the future of science education.

Are Teachers Moral Mentors, or Should We Stick to the Facts?
Teachers should not be afraid to provide a moral education.

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